Online Soccer Manager

Play team owner and make your team the best it can be



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Online Soccer Manager for iOS is a simple but effective soccer game, set behind the scenes as a team owner. The play is entertaining, though perhaps a tad benign. However, soccer fans are sure to love it all the same.

Online Soccer Manager offers an interesting approach to soccer gaming. In this one, you're a team owner, and your mission, is to choose a team, recruit players, train them at boot camp and take care of all aspects behind the scenes that go into owning and maintaining a winning team. The cool thing about this one is the nod at realism. Yet it's delivered in a playful gaming environment, suitable for all ages and skill levels. The app is centered around currency and the costs behind operating the big business behind team ownership. The app smartly starts you off flush with cash, but be careful how you spend it. Sign contracts with players, buy them gear, send them to boot camp, and even engage in some friendly exhibition matches with online opponents. It's all very well thought out and detailed, and sure to entertain die hard fans to no end.

The controls are simple but effective, employing screen taps to make selections and choices. The graphics are plain and to the point, with a playful look and feel. The animations are minimal but entertaining. And the sounds added some much-needed dynamics and punctuation.

Online Soccer Manager looks like a cartoon rendition of big stakes business behind the scenes of soccer. It's interesting, though perhaps a tad flat and one dimensional.