OkCupid Dating

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Date: 26.04.2018 Author: Jay

OkCupid Dating for iOS is a straightforward dating app with some marginal intrigue. Answer questions that are important to you, browse matches based on your interests, and hopefully find your true soul mate. This one is decent, but the subscription rates are astronomically high.

OkCupid Dating presents in portrait mode to deliver a fairly static and old school looking interface. And given the hefty subscription rates for advanced functionality, I'd say the developers should get busy modernizing the dated and dry presentation. To make the magic happen, you'll need to create an account or sign in with your Facebook credentials. For some reason, the Facebook login was highly glitchy and kept telling me I wasn't logged in; while Facebook kept telling me it had already granted access permission. Once I got past that redundant loop, I was greeted with a very dry and unappealing interface, based on plain text questions that you must answer in order to get the process rolling. The questions are somewhat stupid, and definitely of the cheesy, first date variety.

After the initial questionnaire, it's off to find Mr. or Mrs. right. You can browse matches by location, type, interest, and a few other qualifications. Most of these dating apps have a real smarmy feel to them, and I tend to feel like a cheap ho just for testing them. However, this one actually felt legit. I got the sense that people here were actually looking for a real date, and not just a casual hookup; though I'm sure plenty of that goes on here too.

OkCupid Dating is decent overall, but I found the app rather stilted and dry. If I were single and on the dating scene, I would hate using a dating app like this; however, at least this one felt legit. You very well could find your soul mate here, so long as you don't mind the heavy price tag required to unlock the app's best features.