Occupation VR

Zombies are out to devour a very sleepy hollow



Date: 01.04.2018 Author: Jay

Occupation VR for iOS aims to be an immersive, apocalyptic zombie shooter game. However, the presentation is so crude that it comes off like an unfinished alpha that isn't ready for a commercial audience.

Occupation VR is a weird little zombie game. The locales gave me a strange feeling of being in a military compound, with virtually no intrigue or humanity to speak of. The presentation is bland, heavy handed, and crude beyond reproach. As the story goes, everyone in this creepy little encampment is just wandering the streets aimlessly, in no particular hurry and with nowhere important to be. When you approach other townspeople, they don't say or do much of anything. But they certainly look weird; almost as if the developers cutout personal photos to plop the heads of friends and family onto crudely rendered bodies.

The town itself looks like a concentration camp or prison: no storefronts, no commercial development, no nothing; just very bland looking abodes that look like an internment camp. However, the zombies are coming, and your mission, is to run home in search of a point for this dull and creepily boring little game. If there's a plot here, I did not find it.

The graphics are utterly crude and cringeworthy, and the animation isn't too far behind that. The physics in play are decent, but need a lot more work. The sounds, well, who cares about sounds when the visuals are so bad? The game as a whole is highly glitchy and virtually unplayable.

Occupation VR needs loads more work put into it before there's even remotely a game worth playing here. This one is just a glitchy, unplayable hot mess.