Next - Numbers

Tap all the numbers in sequence before the clock runs out



Date: 01.04.2018 Author: Jay

Next - Numbers for iOS is a simple but maddening puzzle game with numbers. Tap every digit onscreen in sequential order before the clock runs out. This one requires lightening reflexes and is suitable for anyone who can count to 15.

Next - Numbers presents in portrait mode to deliver a fairly static gaming environment, based on geometric shapes, all nestled within each other. Some shapes are large, others small, and each one is numbered from 1 - 15. The numbers change each round, but the objective remains the same: tap each number in sequence before the clock runs out and see how fast you are. The play is simple yet engaging, and held my interest. The tricky part is, some of the shapes are harder to see, and your eyes are scanning so fast that it's easy to miss one. The clock doesn't give you much time, so speed is of the essence.

The controls employ screen taps to make the magic happen and they functioned nicely. The graphics are simple yet intriguing. This one just feels like a classic puzzler. The animation is minimal to the extreme, rendering check marks for correct matches. The sounds don't do much but are appropriate for a game like this.

Next - Numbers is solidly playable, however, I question its longevity over time. Puzzle fans are sure to love this one, and it certainly fits the bill as an occasional time killer with mild entertainment value.