My Om Nom

Take care of the Cut the Rope monster like a virtual pet



Date: 27.04.2018 Author: Jay

My Om Nom for iOS is a fantastically cute and adorable virtual pet sorta game; featuring that sweet little monster from the popular, 'Cut the Rope' game series. Feed, groom and bathe your little green bundle of joy, and take care of him like the babe that he is. This one is fun for kids of all ages.

My Om Nom has a lot going for it in the sweet as can be department. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a familiar little green monster who likes candy. In this one, you're not just slashing ropes to get him the delicious sweets he loves so much. Rather, you're taking care of him like a virtual pet. So in that vein, you gotta feed him, groom him, bathe, play with, and entertain him until he's sleepy enough for you to put him to bed. The play is familiar but highly entertaining, thanks to that sweet little guy. I especially loved watching the little monster entertain himself with a bottle of blowing bubbles; too cute! He's very inquisitive and prone to mischief.

The controls employ screen pokes and slides to trigger actions. Add props into the room and just tickle that little green cutie. The graphics and animation are of the same caliber and quality of the Cut the Rope series of games; so top notch and highly entertaining. The sounds are just as sweet as can be and made me laugh with glee.

My Om Nom is an outstanding game for the young and young at heart. Anyone who doesn't fall in love with this adorable little guy is just a big, fat meanie.