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Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

MSN News for iOS is a modern and stylish news reader app. The presentation is simple, straightforward, and dynamic. This one is a pleasure to use and functioned nicely, with only the occasional hang.

MSN News has a lot going for it, as far as simple news readers go. The design is focused and to the point, with a top menu that scrolls horizontally to reveal a host of categories at the ready. Select from topics like, top stories, US, world, crime, offbeat, technology, politics, money, and sports; basically, everything you could possibly want and then some. Tapping a menu selection along the top brings up a vertically scrolling interface below, featuring that category's latest headlines and thumbnails. Click on any of the headlines to bring up full stories, images and videos. Everything loaded fast and was snappy and responsive, with just the occasional buffering and loading issue when trying to play videos.

Signing in to your Microsoft account allows you to add favorite topics to a list for easy return access. The app can also use your GPS function to deliver local news and stories, all within the same user-friendly interface. I really appreciated the integration of local headlines.

Text is displayed nicely with legible black fonts on white backgrounds that can easily be resized to your liking. The only thing missing for me was the ability to mark certain articles as favorites, however, you can easily email and share stories with a few clicks.

MSN News is a very nicely presented app with just enough dynamics to make it feel modern, but not so much that it bogs down the experience.