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Date: 05.04.2018 Author: Jay

MSN Money for iOS is brought to you by the good people of Microsoft. Check the latest stock trends and read financial news headlines, all in this stylish, user-friendly news reader app.

MSN Money presents in portrait mode to deliver a very nicely presented, user-friendly interface. The app feels functional and intuitive, right out of the gate. Yet it smartly doesn't bog itself down with needless dynamics and visual effects. This one is a straightforward, tried and true news reader, with just enough intrigue and intuitiveness to make it worthwhile. The presentation offers a good blend of modernism, with a classic feel. The content is predominantly focused on news stories and stock market statistics. Just scroll through the captions and thumbnails to find a story of interest, then tap it to bring up full details and images. Pages loaded quickly, but were also prone to hangs and lags.

Stock market data displayed nicely with the day's closing numbers available at a glance, along with a nicely presented graph, denoting the day's ups and downs, along with monthly and yearly stats. There's also a host of personal finance tools at the ready in case you want to calculate your own net worth, or just today's lunch money budget. Tools included a mortgage calculator, currency converter, tip calculator, wealth estimator, and retirement planner. That's a whole lotta firepower, all pointing to likely the same answer for most of us: we are all on the brink of financial ruin, and the more you think about it, the less you'll sleep at night.

MSN Money is a very nicely designed app centered on everything one could want to know about the financial world; except where to find stacks and stacks of cash, just sitting there waiting for us to claim it.