Modern Conflict 2

Head-to-head combat with heavy strategic play



Date: 08.04.2018 Author: Jay

Modern Conflict 2 for iOS is a head-to-head combat game against one online opponent. The mechanics are interesting, but the game as a whole is rather plodding and bland. However, this should intrigue strategists to no end, and is entertaining if you commit to the format.

Modern Conflict 2 is a fairly static combat game between two opponents, playing live, online. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a pared down and static gaming environment, centered around a limited number of military bases populating the environment in a circular fashion. Each base has a numerical value, denoting how many troops and forces it will take to occupy, and your forces will grow exponentially, based upon that same numerical value. Your mission, is to occupy as many bases as possible before your opponent claims dominance over them. Each player goes at it, head-to-head, trying to occupy more and more bases, while inching closer to overtaking the enemy's home base; thus winning the battle. The play is interesting, just not all that dynamic or action-packed. This is more of a thinker's game, sorta like chess, but not turn-by-turn style.

The controls employ screen taps to make selections and worked well. The graphics are decent but crude, possessing little dynamics or intrigue. The animation doesn't have much to render, nor does it render any of it all that well; it's very choppy and crude. The sounds are decent, but don't add much entertainment value.

Modern Conflict 2 is a thinker's game. It takes a little getting used to the rules and mechanics, but this is a wholly playable game with some moderate intrigue.