Mini Motor Racing

Race itty bitty cars around an itty bitty track



Date: 19.04.2018 Author: Jay

Mini Motor Racing for iOS is a marginally fun racing game featuring online play against live opponents. This one has simple mechanics that make it suitable for kids. The play is decent, but not great.

Mini Motor Racing presents in landscape mode to deliver a playfully cartoonish race car track from an aerial point of view, looking down on the action below. Your mission, naturally, is to race your little mini sports car around the track, complete a set number of laps, and make it to the checkered flag first. The play is decent, but lacks any real speed or physics to make it captivating. The online multi player was a bit sluggish during the match up process, but once the races start, it's smooth sailing. There are several tracks to unlock and try, so this one will certainly entertain for a good while, but it may also cost you a decent chunk of cash too.

The controls are effective yet clumsy at the same time, with a virtual steering wheel on the lower left, and a brake and nitro buttons on the right. The steering is shoddy and skittish, making it near impossible to race with accuracy. Practice would certainly improve things, and I suggest you go into the options screen and adjust the sensitivity. The graphics and animation are fully evolved and top quality. Renders were occasionally laggy but smooth overall. The sounds were effective without being annoying.

Mini Motor Racing has a lot going for it, and I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more if the controls were better. However, racing fans will love the developed play and garage full of upgrades.