Micro Battles 2

A collection of 4 ultra-pixelated retro games



Date: 18.04.2018 Author: Jay

Micro Battles 2 for iOS presents 4 different 2 player retro games. Play one at random each day, or pay for the full version to unlock all the mediocre goodness. This one is very modest on entertainment value, and not at all worth the purchase price.

Micro Battles 2 presents in landscape mode to deliver 4 ultra crude and deathly boring retro games. Drive tanks, slash swords, leap frogs, and blast spaceships. All the games are meant to be 2 player, but I simply don't see how 2 people can huddle over a small screen to effectively play these deathly boring games. The mechanics of play are crude beyond belief and not the least bit entertaining. The best part of the tank game, by far, was discovering that I could shoot a missile and destroy my own tank if I just drove it into the line of travel as the missile rebounded through the game environment. I think most people will play these 2 player games solo, and the developers should figure out a way to go further with that, rather than trying to sell us on 2 player games that are logistically impossible to play, and a blatant waste of time.

The controls use just one button for each player to make all the magic happen, and they were at times effective, while at others, just flat out useless. The graphics and animation look like crude Commodore 64 sorta stuff: mildly nostalgic for a moment or two, before ultimately rendered devoid of all entertainment value. The sounds were of the blip-blop variety.

Micro Battles 2 is marginally intriguing for a few moments, and then just falls flat with a thud. Don't waste your money.