Find your soul mate with this simple but effective dating app



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

Match for iOS is a straightforward, no frills sorta dating app. This one has a pricey subscription service, but the upside, is I didn't feel like everyone was a cheap ho looking for a one night stand, like it seems in so many other dating apps.

Match presents in portrait mode to deliver a fairly static environment centered around playing matchmaker and finding you a lifelong companion to love and share your life with. To make the magic happen, you'll have to setup an account, answer a few biographical and general interest sorta questions, then add a picture. The questions were both basic and stupid at the same time; just run of the mill stuff like, do you want kids? What career do you want? What's your ideal first date? Stuff like that. It's all very tried and true, along with some cringeworthy stuff like, "what's your sign?"

The app itself is fairly static and old school in presentation; nothing special or interesting going on here, and coming off like a very outdated interface that's in serious need of a modern update. There's a basic search function to filter your matches, and you can peruse who has been viewing your profile and may potentially be interested in you. Most of these apps come off as very cheap and desperate, centered around casual hookups. However, this one made me feel like people were actually trying to find a special someone, not just someone to do a quickie with.

Match is a decent dating app, however the subscriptions are rather pricey, and frankly, I don't think the poor presentation justifies the cost.