MarcoPolo Weather

Play with the weather and watch the cute characters react



Date: 24.04.2018 Author: Jay

MarcoPolo Weather for iOS is an educational game for kids that teaches them the basics of weather and how it effects life around us as it changes. This one is simple and doesn't do much; however, it possesses a lot of entertainment value and is enjoyable for kids of all ages.

MarcoPolo Weather presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly playful and interactive environment. The point of this app is to teach kids about various weather conditions and how they impacts life around us. To do that, the app displays a single, scenic locale, populated by a few cute critters. Change the screen from day to night to see the sun set and moon rise, and how your characters respond to that. Change the temp to sweltering heat and watch the critters pant and gasp for air. Change it to extreme cold, and you'll see snow fall, igloos form, and snowmen appear as your critters shiver uncontrollably. Grab some winter wear from the lower part of the screen and give it to your critters so they can be warm, then turn the sun back up to full, and watch everything melt and sweat. Change the wind, make it rain, and basically play mother nature.

The controls employ screen taps and slides to make the various weather adjustments, and all functioned well. The graphics are highly evolved and cartoonish in nature. The animation was comical and effectively depicted the changing weather conditions and each critter's corresponding reaction to it. The sounds added minimal punctuation that was effective and accurate.

MarcoPolo Weather is just good clean fun and will entertain kids of all ages.