Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

Everyone's favorite cube is here to madden you again



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Cube Rubik for iOS is a simple and straightforward app centered around everyone's favorite little colored cube, with maddening mechanics. And just like the real cube, this one can't be reset just because you give up on trying to solve it.

Cube Rubik brings back sweet memories of childhood boredom. There's nothing quite like buying a brand new Rubik's Cube, admiring all it's colorful glory, then mixing it all up and getting that sinking feeling in your gut that you may never get it back again. In the old days, if you gave up on a Rubik's Cube, the only method for solving it was to try and peel off all those damn colored stickers and put them back together manually. I knew a few people who did it, but it seemed easier to just try and solve that damn thing, or toss it out and buy a new one entirely. However, for the adventurous, the satisfaction of solving that maddening cube was very elusive and intriguing. Personally, I bought that famous book and learned to memorize the solution. I can't remember many of the steps, but this app sure brings back some memories.

The app functions exactly like a real Rubik's Cube, in that, you can twist, turn and rotate it in every direction; all in an effort to solve the puzzle. Truth be told, if you want to solve a Rubik's Cube, you gotta decide which color is your top, and stick with that orientation clear through to the end. The app allows full 3D views of the cube by just swiping and sliding the screen to alter the perspective and view all sides. The mechanics of the cube are just like the real thing, and the animation of movement was effective and smooth.

Cube Rubik is very simple, with no bells or whistles to speak of. Just like the real Rubik's Cube, this one is centered on brain-teasing, maddening puzzlement. And just like the real one, you'll need a lot of patience, and perhaps a cheat manual, to solve it. Either way, good luck; you'll need it!