Light This Up

Play virtual electrician and complete circuits



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Light This Up for iOS is a unique sorta puzzler game. Complete circuits to make electricity flow and solve the puzzle. This one requires logic, patience and strategy to conquer, and is fun for gamers of all ages.

Light This Up has a lot going for it. The app presents in portrait mode to reveal what looks like a schematic to a circuit board. Strewn about the board are different triggers, transistors and switches. Your mission, is to find the correct sequence in which to light up all the different elements so the electricity flows from start to finish and powers everything up. The trick is, some transistors have numerical values, and you have to hit the right voltage before the circuit can be completed. Math comes into play in figuring out which transistors to use, and in what sequence, in order to complete the circuit and win the round. The play is thought provoking and equally challenging to gamers of all ages and skill levels.

The controls employ screen swipes and slides to make the game go, and all worked well. The graphics are pared down, blueprint sorta looking things, and very appropriate to the game at hand. The animation is minimal, yet pleasing to the eye. It's highly satisfying when your circuit finally lights up. The sounds are minimal but effective.

Light This Up is as entertaining as it is perplexing. This one will wrack your brain in the best possible way. Enjoy!