King's Empire

Fantasy sim play with deathly boring mechanics



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

King's Empire for iOS is another tried and true sim game environment, with familiar, and downright boring, gaming mechanics. Build your empire then launch deathly boring attacks on neighboring enemies. This one is sure to suck all the fun out of virtually any room.

King's Empire aims to be a tried and true sim sorta gaming environment. Build this, evolve that, pay for play or evoke all the patience you can muster to survive this deathly boring game. It's not the genre itself that's the problem, but the gaming mechanics. There's far too much focus on the build/evolve/pay for play side of things, and far too little payoff in virtually every other respect. The app presents in portrait mode, and features an exhaustive menu and interface presentation that's aimed at creating the illusion of an epic game, when in reality, it's just a placebo to cover up epic boredom. The battles are a huge disappointment, featuring a maddeningly boring visual of horsemen riding to their destination. Once they get there, virtually nothing happens except a text readout that tells you the results of the nonexistent battle that apparently just took place.

The controls worked fine, because they do virtually nothing. Just tap the screen to make selections, the most important of which to the developers being paying for upgrades. The graphics have some nice details, I'll give them that. The animation has virtually nothing to animate, so are basically nonexistent. The sounds are ok, but sounds can't salvage a boring game.

King's Empire is an utter disaster as far as gaming mechanics go. I'm not sure who would like a game like this, or why.