Shoot rabid cats in a side-scrolling game



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

KatataK for iOS aims to be a charming, retro style pixel game, but falls well short of the mark. Shoot rabid cats with shoddy weaponry and try to find some entertainment value.

KatataK, to be clear, is flat out terrible. The app presents in landscape mode to reveal a side-scrolling game environment with little to nothing interesting going on. As the story goes, you're just strolling down the street with your trusty gun, when throngs of feral alien cats appear. Your mission, is to blast the 9 lives outta them pesky cats before they bite you enough times that you die from boredom. Ok, that last part has a little self projection thrown in, but you get my drift. The mechanics in play are terrible, and mind-numbingly monotonous. Anyone entertained by this for longer than a nanosecond just might have something wrong with them.

The controls are terrible. I was there during the arcade renaissance, and nothing played this bad or looked this shoddy. Well, except for the games I programmed myself on my old Commodore 64. The graphics are crude beyond belief. The animation is just a hot mess. And the sounds, well, they feature a bunch of screeching and meowing cats, so I'll let you decide how entertaining that sounds.

KatataK sucks. Run as fast as you can from this one in the opposite direction, lest those stupid cats get you and force you to play this POS game.