A Minecraft sorta runner game



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

Karma Run for iOS is a tried and true runner game with some novel elements. However, it remains rather crude and static overall. Outrun a giant spider with classic runner mechanics and laggy visuals. The play is decent, but definitely needs a lot more work.

Karma Run presents in portrait mode to deliver an overdone gaming environment that we've all seen many times before. As the story goes, you're in what looks to be a fantasy realm within an enchanted forest of sorts. The visuals borrow heavily from the Minecraft mythology, but the play remains rather static. You have 3 lanes of travel and you just swipe left and right to change lanes and avoid obstacles. You can also jump and duck under stuff too. It's all very competent, just not all that interesting, bringing virtually nothing new or novel to the play.

The controls use screen swipes to make the magic happen and they often didn't register the fist time, requiring repeat swipes to engage. The graphics are very crude and blocky, remaining true to genre this game is going for. However, the animation is laggy, and there's virtually no excuse for that, even if this is intended to be a blocky pixel game. The sounds are lighthearted and somewhat enjoyable in small doses.

Karma Run is decent overall, however, the mechanics are very shoddy and still need some work. I'm all for blocky pixel games, but the controls still gotta work flawlessly and the animation needs to render well.