Just a Regular Arcade

A retro arcade with 5 mini games



Date: 01.04.2018 Author: Jay

Just a Regular Arcade for iOS aims to present a virtual arcade featuring 5 mediocre, kid-friendly games. The play is decent but highly monotonous and repetitive. Even kids might be bored by this one.

Just a Regular Arcade has a novel presentation. Basically, it presents an old school arcade with 5 mini games Arranged in a row, that look like those old, standalone machines you pump quarters into. The presentation brought back some fond memories, but virtually all the games were kinda simplistic and sucky. The games feature the Cartoon Network's animated characters, Mordecai and Rigby, so kids might really enjoy and appreciate that aspect of the app more than I. Shoot projectiles at a demon head, drive a cart through a side-scrolling maze, and leap from one car to the next in busy traffic, just to name a few. Virtually all of the games involve a single repetitive action, so they get boring fast. This might be best suited for really really young kids, because it's easy to play, and will give them a sense that they have a game all their own, on mommy's really expensive phone. However, I question why any mom would let a child play a game that involves demons and jumping through heavy traffic; am I missing something?

The controls are of the one finger variety and worked well enough. The graphics are sorta crude and unappealing. The animation is laggy and not all that great. And the sounds are minimal, so that's good news for parents.

Just a Regular Arcade is almost decent, but I have a hard time recommending it to anyone, child or otherwise.