Jump Car

Replay game with jumping cars and ascending levels



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Jump Car for iOS is a fun and addictive replay game that's sure to entertain. Jump a pixel car from one platform to the next while avoiding traffic to get as high as you can. This one is actually playable and held my interest.

Jump Car is a simple replay game with some decent entertainment value. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a repetitive motion game, centered around cars driving back and forth on horizontal platforms. Your mission is to leap, bound, and jump your car upward from one platform to the next, getting as high as you can without getting into an accident. There's only one car to avoid per platform, and some of the cars you're dodging go slow, while others go fast. Either way, it ain't easy ascending this vertical puzzle game. The play is heavy on replay value and maddening monotony at the same time.

The controls employ screen taps and slides to jump from one level to the next with a leap or a bound. The graphics are heavy on the pixels, with lots of vibrant primary colors that look cool but crude. The animation is laggy and not all that interesting; but it is true to its retro roots. The sounds are minimal and of the blip-blop variety.

Jump Car will hold your interest for a few moments of laughter, but you might forget all about it soon thereafter.