Bare bones fitness app with lots of exercises



Date: 06.04.2018 Author: Jay

JEFIT Workout for iOS is a competent, if not thoroughly boring, fitness app. There's a decent compilation of exercises here, but the app is little more than simple text and a few pictures. This one is probably best suited for established gym rats.

JEFIT Workout presents in portrait mode to deliver a very dry and static interface that isn't even remotely intuitive or dynamic. The app as a whole comes off as very dated and old school; of the iOS 4 variety. The interface is comprised of simple text and minimal imagery, with the main focus being on comparing workouts with fellow users, and a training log where you can input basic text. There are a host of exercises and workout programs to browse here, but not a whole lot of instruction or quality in the presentation. The best feature of the app, by far, was the full body graphic that looked like a medical poster you'd see hanging in your doctor's office. Just tap different areas of the body to bring up related exercises. The app should expand on that novel idea to deliver a more modern and professionally presented app as a whole.

The interface is static and not the least bit intuitive. The app functions quickly mostly because it's so old school, and does virtually nothing but display text. You can register for an account and interact with other users, but aside from that, there's just not much of anything presented here that you can't find elsewhere in a better app, or even in a magazine.

JEFIT Workout is good cuz it's free, so check it out and see if it does anything for you.