Jailbreak Islands

Help science chimps escape an evil laboratory undetected



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

Jailbreak Islands for iOS is a mildly entertaining game that's sure to entertain kinds and chimp fans. Help lab chimps escape a maze undetected. This one requires logic and patience to master.

Jailbreak Islands presents in portrait mode to deliver a retro looking game environment. As the story goes, you're a lab chimp who wants to escape the confines of this dreaded prison. It's not your fault, you've been trained to be smart and inquisitive and they left the door open. Just sneak around through this single screen maze, evading drones and cameras to find the key and unlock the chest of bananas on your way out through the manhole. Some rounds have other monkeys to merge with, making you a big and menacing gorilla with boxing gloves. Why? Just because; that's why. The mazes are simple, but require patience to navigate undetected by the patrolling drones. The play is decent but gets boring rather quickly, thanks to the slow moving mechanics.

The controls functioned well; just draw a line from the monkey to where you want him to go, and he's off and chimping. The graphics are heavily retro but have some nice glow and saturation effects. The animation doesn't have much to render, but does the job well enough, though the mechanics as a whole are far too plodding. The sounds are minimal, retro and appropriate to this game.

Jailbreak Islands has some decent elements, it just doesn't possess much longevity or replay value. However, young kids will probably love this one all the same.