Iron Kill Robot Fighting Games

Head-to-head combat with robots



Date: 07.04.2018 Author: Jay

Ironkill for iOS presents a simple game of toe to toe fighting between two opposing robots. Beat the shiny metal outta each other to be the last bucket of bolts standing. This one would be ideal for kids.

Ironkill presents in portrait mode to depict a futuristic, industrial sorta looking environment. The objective here is simple: choose which robot you'd like to fight as, then square off against other robots in toe to toe, rock 'em, sock 'em fights to the death. Well, maybe not death; maybe just till the batteries run dry. I don't want to play up the violence, because it's rather benign and kid-friendly, to be sure. The play has some decent action, but is also heavily repetitive and gets a tad monotonous rather quickly. There's a limited number of moves and combinations, so the fights don't possess much intrigue or dynamics. However, the simple mechanics assure this one is kid-friendly to play.

The controls use a limited number of screen taps and swipes to put the smack down on your opponent, and all functioned well. The graphics are detailed but muddled, possessing that tried and true, canned CGI sorta look, that lacks shadows and subtlety. The animation isn't bad but does stutter and hang, rendering rather slowly at times. The sounds add some decent entertainment value.

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game is a wholly competent game, it's just lacking in any real intrigue or excitement.