InstaSize Photo Editor & Grid

Bare bones photo decorating app



Date: 06.04.2018 Author: Jay

InstaSize for iOS is a no frills photo enhancement and decorating app. This one is suitable for novice users and features some decent elements, however, it lacks refinement in both presentation and function.

InstaSize has a few things going for it, but overall, it's quite weak in functionality and execution. The app presents in portrait mode to feature a fairly innocuous and bland user interface. To make the magic happen, just select a photo from your gallery or take a new one right from within the app. Once you have a picture chosen, select a layout and start decorating. You can actually add multiple photos to create a collage, add backgrounds, stickers, and even do some very mild photo filtering. It's all very competent, just not all that inspired or interesting. Once you have your photo decorated to your liking, you can save and share in all the usual ways.

The menus are very old school in presentation, and not at all intuitive. In truth, the presentation as a whole is sort of a muddle mess. Screen taps often didn't register the first time, and took multiple pokes for them to engage. Rendering pics took far too long for what little is actually happening, and most of the stickers and backgrounds require additional downloads, which hang and lag, making the process tedious and cumbersome.

InstaSize is a decent photo editing app, but I have certainly used far better. This one feels outdated and obsolete.