Infinity Blade III

Fantasy combat with killer graphics and intrigue



Date: 20.04.2018 Author: Jay

Infinity Blade III for iOS is a thoroughly captivating game of fantasy combat with great visuals, highly evolved swordplay, and a fully developed backstory. The game shows a lot of promise, however, the controls are very difficult to master, and often just get in the way of enjoying the play fully.

Infinity Blade III presents in landscape mode to deliver highly sophisticated graphics with outstanding detail. As the story goes, you are the only one who can wield the power of a magical sword. Which is a good thing, because apparently it's the only sword that can defeat some of the most menacing enemies of recent memory. Your mission, is to engage in head-to-head combat with mystical swordplay, and defeat and array of enemies bent on driving the world into darkness and evil. The presentation manages to feel a tad futuristic in its depiction of an apparently ancient time and place. It's all very otherworldly and captivating. Nestled within the combat, is a fully developed plot that is presented with text and stunning visuals. It's all very mesmeric and took me away on an immersive adventure.

The controls are highly evolved with a steep learning curve. Frankly, they often just got in the way of full enjoying this otherwise pristine gaming presentation. Sure, practice makes perfect, but sometimes overkill is just a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot. Many times, the play just ground to a halt due to the mechanics of the controls, though I can only assume that would improve with my skills, and as I go deeper into the game. The graphics and animation are highly detailed, rendered well, and surely captivated. The sounds were deep and foreboding, adding another integral element to this quality game presentation.

Infinity Blade III is outstanding, and any shortcomings I encountered were likely due to my rookie status. This one will take some time and patience to master, but will surely entertain, clear through to the end.