Post an idea for funding and get your business off the ground



Date: 06.04.2018 Author: Jay

Indiegogo for iOS is here to help you make the most out of life, and achieve your dreams. Post your new innovation or business idea and present it to the world for possible funding. The app itself is fairly dry, but the presented ideas are cool, to be sure.

Indiegogo is a lot like Kickstarter. For those who are not aware, there are a whole series of websites out there aimed at helping you be the most you can be, and achieve your dream of developing that next million dollar idea. So, launch a business, invent a useful product, or fund the publication of your novel. Whatever your dream, here's an app that can help connect you with the money needed to get it off the ground.

The app itself is centered on delivering text and pictures to a captive audience, along with payment options, should anyone care to donate and become an investor. The presentation is fairly static and lacking in any real inspiration, which is ironic for an app all about inspiring presentations. Basically, the app presents in portrait mode and is centered on a vertically scrolling menu that features headlines, short descriptions, and striking thumbnails. Just click on any of the categories and entries to bring up info about the people behind it, details on the project, amount of funds needed, and some pictures to help round out the presentation. The app itself isn't all that intuitive, and page loads were often laggy.

Indiegogo is a great method for bringing cool inspiration into the world and connecting inventors with an avenue to funding. However, the app itself could use some originality and performance tweaks. Perhaps they should post a listing here and try to get that project funded.