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Date: 18.04.2018 Author: Jay

IMDb for iOS is the app counterpart to the hugely iconic website bearing the same name. Browse for info on your favorite movies, TV shows, and actors in this exhaustive directory, brought to your by the good people of Amazon. The functionality is decent but a tad sluggish.

IMDb has been the industry standard in Hollywood for years. Laypeople may not know it, but casting directors, producers, and the powerful Hollywood elite, have all been using the professional version of this website since its inception to rank and gauge the bankability of virtually every working actor on the planet. This app offers all the functionality of the public website, and drops it into the palm of your hand. The interface is nicely laid out and intuitive. Just browse the menus to find the latest news on current releases, upcoming projects, and longstanding classics. This is virtually your one-stop directory to all things movie and TV related.

The app offers several methods of research and discovery. Start on the main page to read the latest headlines, not only about movies, but celebrities in general. You can view pictures, trailers, and bonus video clips. However, I did encounter several buffering issues as pics and vids loaded. The interface is fairly intuitive, and naturally you can initiate searches of your own.

IMDb is probably the best place to find official information about upcoming film and TV projects, along with an exhaustive directory of virtually every project ever made. If you love movies and TV, this app is for you.