Run a successful restaurant in a posh neighborhood



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

I LOVE PASTA for iOS is a nicely developed game of restaurateur. Prepare food, serve hungry customers, and make your business thrive. This one doesn't bring much new or novel to the table, however, the play is solid and sure to entertain fans of the genre.

I LOVE PASTA presents in landscape mode and comes off a little like one of those Norman Rockwell scenes he was so well known for; snowy, benign and somewhat charming. The locale appears to be somewhere nondescript, but clearly foo-foo and sophisticated. Your mission, is to develop and evolve your thriving business. Prepare food, serve customers, and reinvest your profits into the restaurant. You can buy new tables, equipment and hire more workers to help you keep things rolling. It's all very nicely done and presented well, I just wish it had some twist or unique element that set it apart from all the rest. Just tap on customers to serve them food, or to prod kitchen workers into preparing those tasty meals. You can choose recipes from a menu and mix up the ingredients to concoct your own special recipes that are sure to have them coming back for more. Just watch your wallet, cuz the paid upgrades will chomp through it faster than your virtual customers can scarf down your make-believe food.

The controls employ screen taps to make selections and drive the plot forward, and they functioned well. The graphics are nice, and look a little like baby doll anime. The animation is minimal but renders smoothly. However, it's lacking any real intrigue or effective visual stimuli. The sounds offered some appropriate punctuation without stealing focus.

I LOVE PASTA is a competent game, it just feels a tad underwhelming and like a retread we've seen before. However, if you're a fan if sim play, you should find this one satisfying all the same.