Hollywood U: Rising Stars

A social interaction game about making it in Hollywood



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

Hollywood U: Rising Stars for iOS is a game centered around making it in Hollywood. Get an agent, star in your fist move, then claim your Academy Award, with all the foo-foo frillies and arrogance that goes with it. This one is sure to captivate young gamers with big dreams.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars presents in landscape mode to deliver a borderline cringeworthy gaming experience. As the story goes, you're new to Hollywood and here to achieve some big dreams and lofty goals. You wanna be a movie star, win awards, and make big bucks. Well, don't we all. To help you make your dreams come true, you enroll in movie star school. I know the one, its just down the street and all you gotta do is attend the right class, wear the right clothes, and you'll be rich and famous before spring break. And if you believe that, do yourself a favor and stay home, because the streets of Hollywood are littered with gullible people who thought the same thing; the lucky ones are waiting tables, and you don't wanna know what happened to the unlucky ones.

The play itself is very static. Basically, you just interact with a host of virtual characters and work through a soap opera, mellow drama plot. The controls employ simple screen taps to make selections, buy clothes, and interact with characters. The graphics are actually quite evolved in their depiction of this make-believe campus. The animation is good, with decent renders and some marginal intrigue. The sounds are effective at populating this redundantly shallow backdrop.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is a bit like a young adult's novella, in digital form. It's fun, if your're of the appropriate age and mentality.