Highrise Heroes - The Towering Word Game

Word search play with a natural disaster plot



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

Highrise Heroes for iOS is an interesting word search sorta game that adds the unique element of saving victims from a crumbling building before it goes splat and all the people die. This one is sure to captivate action gamers and word search fans alike.

Highrise Heroes presents in portrait mode to deliver a wholly original word search sorta game. As the story goes, there's a high rise building in distress and on the brink of crumbling into a pile of rubble. Your mission, is to save survivors and get them safely to the ground floor. And how, you may ask, does one do that? Well, by matching letters and finding words, of course; how else would you imagine saving people from a crumbling building?

The game board is populated with a bunch of tiles, each with a letter on it. Mixed within the letter tiles, are face shots of the survivors. Drag your finger across the screen to join letters and build words, then release your finger to register the completed word. As you find words, letter tiles disappear, causing the survivor's tiles to drop lower toward the bottom of the screen, which represents their decent to lower floors of the crumbling building. Just keep finding words until all survivors reach the ground floor at the bottom of your screen and escape safely.

The controls employ slides and swipes to build words, and function well. The graphics and animation effectively inject angst and imperative, with falling debris and dust. The sounds effectively added to the urgency of play.

Highrise Heroes is one of the coolest word search games I've played. I think this one certainly deserves a look and is sure to entertain.