High School Story

Relive the glory days of high school with discomforting accuracy



Date: 02.04.2018 Author: Jay

High School Story for iOS takes you back to the glory days of high school, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Enroll in classes, make friends and pine over wanting to sit at the cool kids' table in the cafeteria. This one is suitable for anyone wanting to create the school of their dreams.

High School Story presents in landscape mode to deliver a highly developed school environment. Well, you actually have to do all the developing, in terms of evolving the entire school campus, but the snooty cool kids and various cliques are all there, in a plot that unfolds as you develop structures and engage in daily life at your typical high school. The app plays into stereotypes right off the top by forcing you to choose what label you’ll be stuck with for your entire high school experience. Are you a jock, a preppy, or a nerd? Be careful, cuz that decision has haunted many a scholar for years to come.

The play unfolds in a rather static manner. Build structures, place them to your liking, and hurry up build times by dipping into mommy and daddy’s college fund. On the social side of things, there’s a plot built into the game, and you interact with other characters in melodramatic fashion. The graphics are detailed and pleasing to the eye, the animation is decent, and the sounds added some intrigue to this rather dull game.

High School Story should entertain kids anxious to make their high school experience exactly what they want it to be, while adults might just relive their glory days, or be totally creeped out by revisiting the past.