Heroes Charge

Fantasy combat with bad ass chicks



Date: 05.04.2018 Author: Jay

Heroes Charge for iOS is a simple and straightforward fantasy combat game, starring a team of bad ass chicks that you recruit and add to your team of combat warriors. Set out on a quest to rid the kingdom of evil and look good doing it. This one has some fun elements to it but is far too easy to genuinely be interesting.

Heroes Charge presents in landscape mode to deliver a side-scrolling fantasy combat game with some marginal intrigue. Basically, you use fantasy card mechanics to recruit a band of female warriors that look like munchkin hookers from the renaissance era. Each has their own special power and is ready to kick some goblin ass. Check out the interactive map of your community to visit the merchant, grand arena, training trials, or embark on a campaign; just to name a few. The folklore is nicely developed with lots to look at and do. The battles themselves are rather cookie cutter, happening mostly on autopilot, with very little input required. This is great for kids who want to play but lack the skills. However, it gets a tad boring for the rest of us.

The controls use screen taps to make limited selections and launch special powers during battles, and they functioned well. The graphics are quite nice, with lots of good detail and a playful presentation. The animation has some nice vibrancy with satisfying flash and pop action sequences that rendered well, for the most part. The sounds feel perfect for the genre, however, get repetitiously annoying over time.

Heroes Charge is good overall; it just isn't very challenging over the long haul.