Hero Academy

Turn-by-turn RPG combat against online opponents



Date: 23.04.2018 Author: Jay

Hero Academy for iOS is a tried and true fantasy RPG, offering turn-by-turn style play and multiple games against online opponents. The presentation is somewhat dynamic but the action remains heavy handed and static. However, RPG purists are sure to love this one.

Hero Academy presents in landscape mode to deliver a straightforward RPG gaming environment. Basically, you're engaging in head-to-head combat on a traditional game board with spaces that you move onto and occupy, in turn-by-turn format. Just tap the hero you'd like to move, which highlights all the possible spaces they can occupy in any given round. Move your team of warriors close enough to the enemy to launch attacks and unleash their special brand of mayhem. The play is solid but very slow and heavy-handed. You can start multiple games at once to keep the action rolling, but I encountered constant buffering issues that bogged down the play.

The controls use screen taps to move your pieces and make basic selections, and they functioned well. The graphics are nicely developed, with modest details that add just enough flair to keep things interesting. The animation has some cool triggers and playful elements that help keep the game light and modern. And the sounds added some effective punctuation without being monotonously repetitious.

Hero Academy is a solid game, though perhaps a bit plodding in both play and internet connectivity.