If you have attention defect disorder, this game might be for you



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Growtopia for iOS is a side-scrolling mess of a little game. I honestly couldn't tell you what this one is about. However, if you have, or would like to induce ADD, then look no further. If this game doesn't drive you nuts, then there just might be something wrong with you.

Growtopia, to be clear, is a complete cluster f@#k of a game. This one looks like someone puked Mario Brothers graphics on my screen and then shook it all around to make an even bigger mess of things. The app presents in landscape mode to reveal a side-scrolling game featuring different levels to traverse, doors to open, and rooms to explore; all in search of a point to this mind numbingly stupid excuse for a game. This is one of those games with online muti-player capability, and it seems like everyone on the planet is playing all at once, creating an utterly unplayable hot mess. There's a live chat function displaying live onscreen as you play, which just adds to the chaos.

The controls make you go left and right, and accidentally make you open doors and enter rooms, whether you like it or not. The graphics and animation look like Minecraft sorta stuff, minus the charm and intrigue. The sounds, well, who gives a damn about sounds when you're playing a game this bad?

Growtopia is one of those games that is so utterly useless, that it makes me wonder if it's malware in disguise. Avoid this one like the plague, or prove how stubborn you are and download it anyway; your choice. Either way, I'm out, and uninstalling right quick.