Give It Up!

Bounce a comical blob through a simple maze, if you dare



Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Jay

Give It Up! for iOS is a rarity in the replay gaming world: it's actually playable and fun. Bounce a goofy little buoyant blobby thing through a side-scrolling maze of obstacles and make it to the end. This one has a heavy replay value and is highly addictive. But be careful, cuz it also has a high,"drive you nuts" factor too.

Give It Up! is what I call accuracy in advertising. The developers are telling you right out of the gate to give up on this one, and you just maybe should heed their advice. ...No? Still here? Glutton for punishment? Perhaps a tad sadomasochistic? Okay, well, you had your chance. This app presents in landscape mode to deliver a deceptively simple looking, side-scrolling maze. The environment is just a series of pillars at different levels and heights, and your mission, is to bounce and bound your little blobby guy through the maze without going splat on the spikes or into the side of a pillar. The trick is timing your jumps. Listen to the beat of the music and tap the screen in time with the beat to become one with the rhythm, and bound to your heart's content. You will go splat... often. And you'll hit that replay button like a meth addict tapping for a vein. Don't say we didn't warn you, cuz remember, it's right in the title - Give it Up!

The controls are simple and effective; just tap the screen at the precise moment, and all with be right as rain. The graphics are simple but evolved in their depiction of a bouncy blob and pillars. The animation is comically fun and just made me laugh. The sounds are actually an indispensable part of the play and work in tandem with the controls; they also made me laugh with all the silly squeaky sounds.

Give It Up! is fantastically fun and utterly maddening. This is your last chance to leave with your sanity intact.