Keep tabs on your very own Parrot drone camera



Date: 02.04.2018 Author: Jay

FreeFlight 3 for iOS works in tandem with commercially available Parrot drone cameras. Keep tabs on the latest news, interact with fellow drone users, and monitor your own drone activity. This one is cool, provided you have the drone to go with it.

FreeFlight 3 presents in portrait mode to deliver what essentially adds up to an advertisement for Parrot drone cameras. The cams themselves are basically remote controlled helicopters that your can control with your iPhone. Take fight, record live video, and stream it all on your gizmo's screen. The app is cool because you can view a map with all the drones in your area. I'm not sure if drone owners realize it, but perusing the list of local drones actually gives you each user's physical address. If the owners allow, you can even view live video from their drone in flight, or browse past recordings that have been saved to the cloud.

The app itself functions slowly, with several lags and hangs. The GPS maps were predictably laggy. However, I really enjoyed seeing all the drones pinpointed throughout the globe. You can view charts detailing info about each drone's flights, view videos about the product, and naturally, buy a drone straight from within the app. There's really not much to do or look at here without a drone, however, it's still interesting to see what's what, and where all this might be headed.

FreeFlight 3 has some cool elements to it. For sure you'll want to use this if you have a Parrot drone, however, the app as a whole has some performance issues.