Flight Simulator Paris 2015 Online

A flight simulator that goes for realism



Date: 27.04.2018 Author: Jay

Flight Simulator Paris 2015 for iOS aims to deliver a fully evolved game of flying that's totally free to play, provided you don't mind the heavy handed and obtrusive ads that suck virtually all the fun out of the room. This one is decent, until it isn 't.

Flight Simulator Paris 2015 presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed flight simulator game. They start you off in the cockpit of a small, private propeller plane. Your mission, is to figure out how to take off and stay in the air with these shoddy g-meter controls. The good thing is, you can go into the settings and switch things to a virtual joystick, which frankly, is your best hope at staying airborne. Once you're in the air, it's basically just a sightseeing tour. Fly around the great blue yonder and see what there is to see, which isn't much. The most fun I had here, was taking a nosedive and crashing in a blaze of glory, complete with fiery explosions.

On the ground, the hangar features an array of planes you can fly, all for a price. However, if you like this game, I suggest you pay whatever ransom they want to turn off the exceedingly obtrusive and annoying ads that spoil the play. The controls are decent if using the virtual joystick, and virtually unplayable if you are dumb enough to stick with the g-meter version. The graphics and animation are decent but highly crude, with choppy renders and blocky visuals. The sounds effectively made me feel like I was flying a real plane.

Flight Simulator Paris 2015 has some cool elements but the shoddy controls, crude visuals, and overbearing ads kinda ruin it for me.