Flappy Golf

Goofy mini golf sorta play with interesting mechanics



Date: 14.04.2018 Author: Jay

Flappy Golf for iOS is a silly and fun game, with goofy, mini golf sorta courses, and an online gaming option against live opponents. If real golf played like this, I might actually be interested in taking up the game. This one is fun for gamers of all ages and skill levels, and has some addictive mechanics.

Flappy Golf is actually a retread of several golf games I've seen before, namely, Flick Golf. However, the word "flappy" is a highly searchable word these days, hence the re-branding. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a goofy golf course that I wish I could play in real life; if not for the hovering greens and mechanically impossible physics. Just take aim, adjust your trajectory, tap the swing button to engage the power meter, then hit it again to take your swing at the ball. The mechanics are fully developed and keep the game interesting, with lots of nuance an actual skill possible. The greens are all over the place, literally; in the air, in outer space, with floating platforms, sand pits, and watery obstacles. The physics are outstanding and the play is lots of fun. I especially enjoyed the energetic head-to-head play against online opponents; first one to sink the ball, wins.

The controls are sophisticated, employing a combination of screen taps and slides, all of which functioned well. The graphics are sorta cartoonish, playful, and fun to look at; each level brings something new to the table. The animation is excellent, with smooth renders and entertaining physics. The sounds added minimal accompaniment and the perfect light touch.

Flappy Golf is loads of fun, no matter what name it goes by. This one is highly entertaining.