Find a Way Soccer 2

Play soccer with chess sorta mechanics



Date: 17.04.2018 Author: Jay

Find a Way Soccer 2 for iOS is an interesting game of soccer, set in a stadium where the players are pieces you move on a game board. This one is part puzzler, part action game; requiring logic and strategy to play. It's fun, interesting, and entertaining.

Find a Way Soccer 2 presents in landscape mode to depict a soccer game from an aerial point of view, looking down on the action below. The game takes place in a stadium filled with fans, and the mechanics are interesting because, similar to chess, each player is actually a game piece that you move around on the board. Choose which team you'd like to play for, and which opponent you'd like to match-up against. From there, the players are placed onto the field within a set number of spaces to occupy and move through for each round. Your objective, is to figure out which pieces to move, and in which sequence, to get that ball closer to the net, take your shot, and hopefully score a goal. The mechanics invoke turn-by-turn play and you gotta figure out how to move your players so you can setup passes and shots, without getting blocked and knocked over by your opponent. The play is intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

The controls employ screen taps to select players, then tap the spaces where you want to move them. There's a set number of spaces to occupy for each round, and they must be used in the correct sequence to score a goal and win each round. Trial and error come into play here. The graphics and animation are fully realized and pleasing to the eye. The sounds possess all the energy and hype of a captivating soccer game.

Find a Way Soccer 2 is original and enjoyable. This one will entertain soccer and puzzle fans with its unique presentation and mechanics.