Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure

Play beautiful music via the instrument of nature's beauty



Date: 15.04.2018 Author: Jay

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure for iOS is a meditative game of music and mother nature. Tap flora, shrubs, and snowy landscapes to create beautiful music. This one is relaxing, inspirational, and fun for gamers of all ages.

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly original and unique gaming experience. There's nothing to shoot, nothing to build and the only sensory overload to be had, are waves of bliss and joy as you gaze upon the beauty of it all. As the story goes, you are presented with a natural landscape in the virtual great outdoors, and your mission, is to tap and poke whatever looks interesting and try to find the triggers that make beautiful music. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes you have to go exploring, but each scene contains triggers, that when touched, create visual chain reactions and an auditory experience. The plot unfolds like a fairy tale, as you follow winged beings through nature's story as it unfolds. The play is simple, relaxing and highly intriguing too.

The controls employ screen taps to make the magic happen, and all functioned well. The graphics are highly evolved, delivering these nature scenes with glorious detail; sometimes, vibrant, sometimes muted, but always stunningly beautiful. The animation is crisp and smooth for the most part, but can stutter here and there. The sounds are soothing, enjoyable and an an integral part of the play, to be sure.

Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure is a game like no other. This one will certainly entertain clear through the end and leave you wanting more.