Empire Run

Race through time and visit long lost civiliztions



Date: 10.04.2018 Author: Jay

Empire Run for iOS takes you on a journey through time. Run against opponents and dodge menacing enemies while learning a little about history along the way. The play is action-packed, fun, and actually educational too.

Empire Run presents in landscape mode to deliver a playful game environment that looks like a childish Saturday morning cartoon. As the story goes, you are participating in foot races through the landscape of various empires throughout history. Run through pharaohs tombs in ancient Egypt, or amidst stone pillars of the Roman empire; just to name a few. The races are a tad irreverent, employing silly visuals and action triggers. Each empire has several modes of play to conquer, and the end of each round features some brief trivia about the era you're running through. The play is simple, entertaining, and highly addictive too.

The controls employ screen taps to jump and smash obstacles, and functioned well. The graphics are entertaining and visually appealing in their lighthearted approach. The animation is inviting, but also a little crude, with the occasional lag here and there. The sounds are actually quite entertaining and added some good value to the game.

Empire Run doesn't possess a lot of dynamics in play, however, each level brings some new intrigue and maintains interest. This is a quality game presentation, through and through, and even had some interesting trivia elements woven into the play.