Easily create and decorate dubsteps to save and share



Date: 06.04.2018 Author: Jay

Dubsmash for iOS is a bare bones dubstep creator. Select an audio clip from a list; record yourself as you add your own comedic flare; then decorate your masterpiece, which can can be saved and shared in the usual ways. This one is decent if you're into dubbing.

Dubsmash presents in portrait mode to deliver a very crude and basic interface that's not the least bit intuitive or modern. To start things rolling, the app presents you with an array of audio tracks to browse, uploaded by everyday users, just like you. Selecting a clip opens up your front facing camera so you can record your own dub video to your selected clip. You'll see a waveform above your camera's live image, showing you the remaining time in the clip. The camera itself uses a square shooting format, and I saw no control to alter that setting. The list of clips are organized in different folders and categories. There's a lot to choose from, like comedy, animals and internet hits, just to name a few.

Once you've shot your video, the interface moves into decorating mode. You can add stickers, text, or dress up yourself with beards, glasses and hats. The cool part was the app will detect your facial features to add hats and glasses with some decent motion tracking that keeps them in place while you move. It's sorta crude, but effective.

Dubsmash isn't very refined; but if you're into creating dubs, this can help you make some silly ones. The app is decent, but needs a lot more work to bring it up to par.