A modern to do list with lots of potential



Date: 28.04.2018 Author: Jay

DropTask for iOS is a fairly cool to do list and task organizer. The interface is modern but still has some dated elements to the presentation. The interface can be a tad muddled, but overall, this one shows a lot of promise.

DropTask aims to be a visually based to-do list and personal organizer. For the most part, it succeeds in delivering an interface that's modern and pleasing to the eye, however, there are also a lot of elements that feel dated and dry. The app is centered around creating projects that contain to-do activities. Projects can have multiple members, and you can assign tasks to specific people. There's a pro version that takes this collaboration element even farther, however, it's quite pricey; pushing $65 dollars for the paid version of the service - yikes!!

Tasks can be quickly added via the inbox, and from there, you can assign each tasks to specific projects. Set urgency, due dates, priority, and group activities together for easy return access. I loved the circular overview, that placed all my tasks in a visually pleasing presentation, with conjoined spheres that contained nestled information. It's all very pleasing to the eye, but the interface isn't all that intuitive. Each time I reopened the app, I was lost and starting back at square one again. This one will require a big commitment in time to get fully acclimated to all it has to offer.

DropTask has some decent visual appeal, but the lofty price tag and unintuitive interface just make this one a challenge, all the way around.