Dream House Days

Rent out apartments in this retro-looking complex



Date: 07.04.2018 Author: Jay

Dream House Days for iOS really should be called dream apartment days, because there's nary a house to be had here; perhaps condos at best, or maybe we could stretch it to call it a townhouse. Either way, this is a game about evolving and renting apartments, and it just might be fun for pixel gamers.

Dream House Days presents in portrait mode to deliver a highly crude and pixelated gaming environment. You're playing landlord in this one, and your mission, is to renovate and build new apartments then rent them out to prospective tenants. This game is perfect for that annoying Trump wannabe in your life. You know the one, he wears a bat toupee while insisting it's real, and plasters his name all over everything like a pathetic narcissist... but I digress. To make the magic happen, just select what furnishings you'd like in your apartments and make them as comfy-cozy as can be. Before long, you'll have appointments to show your units to prospective tenants. Collect rent, fix leaky faucets, and work through a melodrama plot. If all that sounds like fun, then start downloading, pronto.

The controls evoke screen taps to make the game go, and were effectively dry. The graphics and animation are crude beyond belief, but did have some mild charm. The sounds were of the annoying variety, and suited the game perfectly.

Dream House Days had me dreaming of better games on dreamier days, however, I did find the presentation somewhat enjoyable, though the play simply doesn't possess any longevity.