Dream Gym – Build Your Own Fitness Empire!

Build and run your own virtual gym



Date: 13.04.2018 Author: Jay

Dream Gym for iOS is a shining example of how pathetic some people's fitness goals are. Build a virtual gym and spend copious amounts of hard earned dollars to upgrade and evolve your imaginary environment, all in an effort to do anything but what you should be doing - going to the gym and exercising for real!

Dream Gym is nothing short of a nightmare. News Flash - why are you wasting time playing make-believe gym, when you could be making better use of your time by actually GOING to the gym!?!? Boy, talk about procrastinating and stroking the ol' ego. The app presents in landscape mode to depict a typical build this, evolve that, pay for play sorta gaming environment. You've seen this one countless times before, but none with the brazen audacity to be set in a gym environment; the last place any halfwit gamer will find themselves in real life. Trust me, if you're playing bad ass gym rat, then you probably aren't one. That, or you are so narcissistic and uninteresting, that you gotta play gym even when you're not at one. Either way, it's pretty pathetic.

The presentation is decent and evolved, but also boringly predictable and pointless. The controls employ screen taps that'll make you sweat as you build up this phony gym and spend more money on it than a real membership would cost. The graphics and animation are evolved and pleasing to the eye. The sounds aren't half bad, for what they are. The play, however, is just shockingly bad.

Dream Gym is just a flat out waste of time. Take all the time and money you'd waste on this game and get your lazy ass to the gym. That, or embrace who you really are, find a game that's actually enjoyable, then down some Cheetos and have a good time.