Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

Make brushing your teeth fun with this cool app



Date: 24.04.2018 Author: Jay

Disney Magic Timer for iOS is a super cool teeth brushing companion aimed at helping make brush time fun and entertaining. Encourage kids to practice good oral hygiene with Mickey, Frozen, and Star Wars themed characters. This one is great for kids of all ages. Yippieeee!

Disney Magic Timer is a super cute app aimed at helping your kids enjoy brushing their teeth. However, I suspect there are plenty of adults out there (me!) who wouldn't mind brushing their teeth with a companion from Frozen, Star Wars or a few comic book heroes. To make the magic happen, just input your name, select a favorite character, then choose what kind of Oral-B toothbrush you have, or take a picture of it to scan it in automatically. Truth be told, you can also use this with any toothbrush as a regular timer, and still retain most of the entertainment value and functionality. However, using an Oral-B toothbrush just ups the fun a little more.

Once you're set up, just hit the timer button on the app and start brushing. This is meant to be a companion while you brush, showing a 2 minute timer onscreen along with a bubble graphic that's slowly brushed away to reveal a cute picture of all your fave Disney pals. Earn stickers and achievements for consistency and a job well done, and log your daily regimen on a vibrant calendar. It's all very cute.

Disney Magic Timer is loads of fun and functions nicely. Just be sure you trust your kids not to drop your prized gizmo in the toilet or bathroom sink, lest all the warm fuzzies this app produces drown in an untimely death