Disco Bees

Match 3 with bees inside a Studio 54 disco honeycomb



Date: 26.04.2018 Author: Jay

Disco Bees for iOS takes your tried and true match 3 play and plops it behind the velvet rope at a Studio 54 sorta gaming environment, with flashing disco lights and neon dancing bees. This one is fun and good for a chuckle.

Disco Bees presents in portrait mode to deliver typical match 3 gaming mechanics, set to an environment with a playful twist. Rather than a standard match 3 game board, this one takes place on a beehive's honeycomb, which places the play a tad askew to accommodate six sided hexagons, all stacked up against each other. Your mission, is to make matches of 3 or more, trigger cool chain reactions, and earn nifty power ups. Reach the target score before you run out of moves to win the round and advance to the next level. The best part of this game, by far, was the disco boogie moment. The lights go out, the bees glow in neon colors, and a veritable disco ball drops to send all them bees into a comical boogie. It's fun, funny, and definitely encourages repeat play.

The controls work as per usual for match 3 gaming and functioned well. The graphics are comical, playful and lighthearted. The animation is decent, but could certainly be better. Power ups and chain reactions need a little more flash and pop to match the disco dancing hilarity. The sounds are actually enjoyable and took me back to the 70's, with charm to spare.

Disco Bees is a sweet little match 3 game that's sure to entertain fans of the genre while sparking fond Saturday Night Fever memories. This one is suitable for match 3 fans of all ages.