Dino Quest - Dinosaur Game

Dig for fossils and complete a museum's exhibits



Date: 12.04.2018 Author: Jay

Dino Quest for iOS is a simple but fun game with some decent intrigue. Dig for fossils then assemble the bones to complete a museum's dinosaur exhibit. This one is suitable for gamers of all ages and has some interesting elements of play.

Dino Quest presents in landscape mode to depict an archaeologist's dig site. Your mission, is to dig for fossils in search of dinosaur bones. The first step involves a broad dig, in search of a site worth exploring deeper. Just grab your trusty shovel and dig at random points throughout the landscape, in search of that elusive magic spot. Once found, the graphics cut to a tight shot of the dig site, and you excavate deeper by picking at stones, detonating bombs, and searching for those dang fossils. The digging above ground part can be a tad monotonous, but once you get to the detailed excavation, it starts getting fun. Once bones are found, they are added to the museum's growing exhibit. Find all the bones needed to piece together all the different dinosaurs and complete the exhibit.

The controls employ screen taps to do the digging and functioned well. The graphics are detailed, with nice intricacy and interesting imagery, that's playful and kid-friendly. The animation is minimal but effective. The sounds are actually soothing and added to the pleasurable play.

Dino Quest has a lot going for it in fun and intrigue, and even though it can be monotonous at times, it's solidly playable and entertaining.