Devils & Demons - Arena Wars

RPG fantasy combat with dry mechanics



Date: 11.04.2018 Author: Jay

Devils & Demons for iOS is a tried and true fantasy combat RPG with turn-by-turn style play. The visuals are interesting, but the presentation and play are a solid flatline. This one shows promise, but fails to deliver on most of it.

Devils & Demons has a lot going for it but is nowhere near reaching its full potential. The app presents in landscape mode to deliver a tried and true turn-by-turn gaming environment, as seen from an aerial point of view, looking down on the action below. The play uses a grid onscreen, which denotes the possible areas of movement for each character; once you click on each respective warrior in your clan. Jockey for position, launch attacks, and hope to be the last bad ass standing to win the round and advance to the next dull and boring fight. The play is solidly predictable and seriously hampered by shoddy mechanics that plod along so slow and crude, that it feels like churning molasses. I think children who don't know any better might be the only players suited for this game, while seasoned players of any age will find this one deathly boring. Games are supposed to entertain, not drive players into a coma out of self-preservation.

The controls employ screen taps to bring on the doldrums, and were totally shoddy in function. Screen taps didn't always register, which only added to the maddeningly boring play. The graphics actually have some cool elements to them, with some nice glow and saturation, but not much else. The animation is choppy and crude, with little interesting to render. The sounds were ok, but edged close to grating.

Devils & Demons plays like an unfinished beta, and it seems the developers own boredom with this one shows in the end result. It sucks, plain and simple.