Deep Dungeons of Doom

Retro fantasy combat with demons, dungeons and beasts



Date: 29.04.2018 Author: Jay

Deep Dungeons of Doom for iOS aims to be a retro throwback, offering turn-by-turnturn style play against mythic beasts and evil demons, as you descend into the the depths of a spine-chilling dungeon. The concept plays out a little better on paper than in reality, but this one shows promise.

Deep Dungeons of Doom has a lot going for it, but the mechanics of play is where this one falls flat. It's a tad repetitive with nothing much interesting going on. The app presents in portrait mode to reveal a pixelated dungeon, with our hero on the left, and an array of different enemies that appear on the right. Your mission, is to battle each enemy in turn-by-turn play. With each successive battle won, you travel another level deeper into this pit of despair. Some of the enemies are sort of interesting, but at the end of the day, the battles are just too pedestrian and one dimensional to be of interest. The overall play lacks dynamics and intrigue.

The controls worked well, employing screen taps to attack and defend. The graphics and animation are crude by design, and offer very little to charm or captivate. The sounds are ok, but nothing special one way or another.

Deep Dungeons of Doom is a decent game that will entertain RPG fans to no end. However, I found it to be uninspired and lacking in execution.