A no-frills zombie shooter with cool visuals



Date: 10.04.2018 Author: Jay

DEAD TARGET: Zombie for iOS is a decent zombie shoot 'em up game. Blast the crap outta zombies as they come toward you, and earn bonus points with blood-bursting head shots. This one is somewhat of a zombie purist's sorta game, and fans of the folklore will appreciate the approach.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully developed game of blast the zombies. Your mission is simple, you're loaded to the teeth with cool guns and plenty of ammo, and there's a bunch of zombies coming your way... hmmmm.... what to do....? I know! I'll take target practice on their heads and blast the ever livin' daylights outta anything that moans and shuffles my way. BLAM-BAM! Take that, suckahs! Each round takes place at a different urban locale and it looks like another apocalypse is upon us. What I like about this one, is that it's true to zombie folklore. These zombies don't possess special powers, heavy artillery, armor plating, respawning ability, or anything stupid like that. They're just tried and true zombies, shuffling along mindlessly, out to eat your brains.

The controls were simple yet effective, with lateral scanning controls and fire buttons that are effective in tandem. The graphics are quite detailed and fully realized. The animation is equally refined, with lots of satisfying bursts and sprays of blood that are sure to elicit some oohs and ahs. The sounds were effective, and made my hair stand on end a few times.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a zombie purist's game; it gets right to the point with no b.s.